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Sitting comfortably with the launch of ChairCompare®


Sitting comfortably with the launch of ChairCompare®

Two businessmen have launched the UK’s first chair comparison website:®. John Sacks of JSA Consulting, and brand expert Adam Dunn are behind this web-based platform.

 The website will be launched at the end of August 2016 and increases choice and convenience for anyone looking to buy chairs for their business, without the hassle of going through a long supply chain. It’s an easy to use, step by step process which gives comprehensive information and allows users to quickly pick out which products they´re interested in, whether it’s office, home-office, restaurant, theatre or conference seating. A drop down menu leads to a shortlist, which shows information on products, services and third party certifications. All this takes under a minute. Chair Compare will not actually sell any product but rather steer the buyer to the supplier and products, which most closely match their needs.

Sacks says: ‘Before ChairCompare, users had to carry out lengthy searches to find the right product and manufacturer that met their needs. Whilst a quick Google search might give a wide choice of products, the user might want to buy, let’s say a sustainable product. As a result, was born.’

 Dunn adds: ‘When someone is spending £1000 on a chair for a new office they want to know where to get independent advice to make sure they get the best product available. We are not selling chairs, but we are helping consumers to get as much information as they can before deciding on a product. If a buyer needs five chairs for the new office, and wants information for example on office chairs that are ergonomically correct, then this is the site to go to for independent advice. ’

 The website allows leading manufacturers from the UK and Europe to participate and promote their products, and adds a wealth of additional information especially on sourcing, sustainability and other certification which is important for the user. The ChairCompare team is currently working with the British Contract Furnishing Association, BCFA, to support its services. ? 

About the Directors

Directors f. l.: Adam Dunn and John Sacks
Directors f. l.: Adam Dunn and John Sacks

Adam Dunn is a brand expert, with over 30 years experience in the trade and office seating industry. He has worked with UK seating manufacturers as well as being an agent for leading European manufacturers. His passion for all beautiful things in life is best reflected in his long-term project, the AAD Agency, where he has been promoting new brands for the UK trade for over a decade.

 John Sacks is from the office furniture industry. A Chartered Accountant, he has more than 45 years’ experience of owning and managing office furniture manufacturing businesses.  More recently, he has been advising and steering the corporate and marketing strategies for the international clients of his firm, JSA. He was Chairman of the UK office furniture trade association for six years, and for two years, President of FEMB, the European office furniture manufacturers’ association. 

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